Steve Rennie on Managing Incubus, Overcoming Resistance, and Making Shit Happen

From promoting concerts, to becoming a record executive, to managing the platinum selling rock band Incubus, Steve Rennie (a.k.a Renman) has been working in the music business for over 35 years. Today, he runs Renman Music and Business - a mentoring platform that helps aspiring artists and professionals succeed in today's music business. 

How we went from booking concerts at Santa Monica Community College and getting turned down from William Morris, to becoming SVP/GM of Epic Records, and managing one of the most successful bands in rock history is a killer story filled with honest, no-bullshit advice on becoming successful, moving through fear, and taking action. 

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Nick Maher - Unplanned America

Unplanned_America 2.jpg

Nick (far left) is the co-host and creator of Unplanned America - a travel show about 3 Australians who drive across the U.S. with no money, no plan, and limited equipment. Now streaming on Netflix and airing on SBS2 (an Australian network), they've finished 3 seasons and have just begun what seems to be a promising and rewarding career traveling the world and sharing their experiences through a camera. 

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Max Temkin - Cards Against Humanity

Max Tempkin Photo.jpg
"I think people imagine that we had some plan and the pieces all clicked into place, and I think that’s also a story people often tell about their past successes. If you’re successful, it’s easy to look back into the past and see your progress as the result of like this clean thrust forward… But the reality was we were always panicking and trying to put out one fire after another, and we never knew what we were doing." - Max Temkin 

Cards Against Humanity Co-Founder Max Temkin gets on the podcast to discuss how him and 7 other childhood best friends created one of the most iconic and recognizable games over the last several years. From not accepting any outside investment, to shipping people boxes of actual bull shit on Black Friday, these guys consistently march to the beat of their own drum which inevitably keeps feeding their momentum and success year after year. 

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Charlie Todd - Improv Everywhere

Charlie Todd is the creator of Improv Everywhere, a popular YouTube channel and prank collective. They've been terrorizing New York City and the world with humor and fun since 2001, and have since completed 100+ missions and have built a foundation of 1.7+ million subscribers online, making Improv Everywhere a powerful and well-known online comedy brand. Being one of the first (if not the first) prank style YouTube channel and online show, they've done everything from performing musicals inside of grocery stores, to getting thousands of people to ride with subway system without pants. 

Zach Luczynski - Mindset Coach for High Performers


After an injury destroyed his dreams of being a pro soccer player, Zach switched gears and put all of his focus into the world of entrepreneurship. He joined forces with a few friends from school, and together they experimented with different ideas until something worked. Eventually, it did, and they created what's now known as William Painter. But as time went on, he realized creating the next big mega brand wasn't for him, and what he really enjoyed was helping people on an individual basis with both their life and career. And now... that's what he does and does well. 

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Richard Wiseman - Building A YouTube Empire Around Psychology

Richard Wiseman Photo.jpg

Richard Wiseman has been described as "...the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today". Starting his career as a magician, he traveled Europe and the U.S. performing both on the streets and in established venues like the magic castle in LA. However, he quickly realized that performing magic tricks for people wasn't enough. He had a deeper curiosity about the world and people tapping him on the shoulder. So, he switched gears, obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology, became a professor, and has since written several best selling psychology books on topics ranging from luck to paranormal activity. But it doesn't end there. He's also become a YouTube celebrity, with his powerhouse channel Quirkology, which has grown a loyal following of almost 2 million subscribers. 

Jeff Tanner - From Producing Commercials to Selling Wine

"You don't have to be prepared. If you wait until you're prepared... and you go and research yourself out of it, you'll never do it. If you're interested in something, you just start."

In my interview with Jeff Tanner, we go from how he went from being in a military family and traveling the country as a kid, to producing commercials for some of the top brands in the country and starting a wine business at the same time.  He's a humble and down to earth guy, who's lived and continues to live a creative and adventurous life. To me, he's a great example of how at any point in life we can try something new, and with the right levels of patience, skill, consistency, and hard work, have those new things work out in our favor. Photo: LA Weekly 

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Tanner Dafoe Wine

Josey Orr - Dyer and Jenkins

Josey Orr is the co-founder of Dyer and Jenkins, a men's clothing brand which specializes in raw denim jeans, shirts, jackets, and more - all of which is made from beginning to end in America. They've got a large and growing Instagram account, @dyerandjenkins, and coined the tagline "Forge Your Own Path" - which I dig. He's an incredible story teller, and takes us on a journey from growing up on his family owned scrap yard, to rehab and loosing everything that was important in life, to his first and now second company. ENJOY! 

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Mike Rothman - Life, Overcoming Addiction, and Producing Live TV

"In life, nobody dodges the bullet. You just don't. You're going to get it." 

If you ran into Mike back in the early 70's (I'm guessing when the above photo was taken), few would guess that he would become the successful TV producer he is today. It's difficult to find the right words to describe this episode, and Mike's story - which is one hell of a rollercoaster. The more people I have on the podcast, the more I realize the greater the adversity one has had to go through in life, the more relatable, down to earth, and awesome the person seems to be - Mike being a great example. What I take away most from Mike's story is that at any point in life we can change directions, reinvent ourselves, and working really really hard (as simple as it sounds) can lead to incredible things. 

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James & Rachel - Idle Theory Bus and The Art of Owning Nothing

"I had a job that I really loved. It was kind of a dream job. But, I also had this wonderful girl in my life who wanted to travel the world and live in a van, and I don't think you get that opportunity too often" - James

I don't blame him. In fact, any great man in his shoes would have done the same. Which is probably one of the reasons why James and Rachel have such a big and loyal following. They give us a window into a different life - one of owning almost nothing, living and working outside all day, exploring nature, and being totally free. In this interview, we hear parts of their story around how they got started, and why they do what they do - filling us in on their thoughts around life, work, relationships and the art of doing nothing. 

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