Matt Wigham - Co-Founder of Big Cartel

Matt Wigham is the Co-founder and CEO of Big Cartel, a company that enables a wide variety of artists to create their own custom online shop and sell their work. Today, Big Cartel has generated over $1 billion in store sales since it launched, and $13 is made every second from one of their artists. Ironically, Matt never intended on Big Cartel becoming the massive company that it is today. Originally, it started out as a side project and hobby, and a way to help support and work with bands. This is a great story about a guy who simply followed his interests, kept creating things, worked hard, was patient, and through that created a company and organization that has helped thousands of people. 

Fuck It, We'll Do It Live

Fuck It, We'll Do It Live

If you’re making an online show right now – especially if you’re just getting started – chances are you’ve had some bad days. Days when equipment breaks down, guests don’t show up, things don’t upload correctly, etc. I’ve heard it all, and go through it all the time. It can feel like a never ending uphill battle, which is why I constantly try to remind myself and remember this... 

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Zach Luczynski - Mindset Coach for High Performers


After an injury destroyed his dreams of being a pro soccer player, Zach switched gears and put all of his focus into the world of entrepreneurship. He joined forces with a few friends from school, and together they experimented with different ideas until something worked. Eventually, it did, and they created what's now known as William Painter. But as time went on, he realized creating the next big mega brand wasn't for him, and what he really enjoyed was helping people on an individual basis with both their life and career. And now... that's what he does and does well. 

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Richard Wiseman - Building A YouTube Empire Around Psychology

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Richard Wiseman has been described as "...the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today". Starting his career as a magician, he traveled Europe and the U.S. performing both on the streets and in established venues like the magic castle in LA. However, he quickly realized that performing magic tricks for people wasn't enough. He had a deeper curiosity about the world and people tapping him on the shoulder. So, he switched gears, obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology, became a professor, and has since written several best selling psychology books on topics ranging from luck to paranormal activity. But it doesn't end there. He's also become a YouTube celebrity, with his powerhouse channel Quirkology, which has grown a loyal following of almost 2 million subscribers. 

Jeff Tanner - From Producing Commercials to Selling Wine

"You don't have to be prepared. If you wait until you're prepared... and you go and research yourself out of it, you'll never do it. If you're interested in something, you just start."

In my interview with Jeff Tanner, we go from how he went from being in a military family and traveling the country as a kid, to producing commercials for some of the top brands in the country and starting a wine business at the same time.  He's a humble and down to earth guy, who's lived and continues to live a creative and adventurous life. To me, he's a great example of how at any point in life we can try something new, and with the right levels of patience, skill, consistency, and hard work, have those new things work out in our favor. Photo: LA Weekly 

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