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Jerry Rothwell - Making Documentaries, Being Patient, And Learning As You Go

Jerry Rothwell is an award winning documentary filmmaker and director. He's a master storyteller and artist, who didn't make his first feature length documentary until he was 40 years old. Since then, he's made 6 films including Donor Unknown, Heavy Load, Deep Water, Town of RunnersHow To Change The World, and his newest film, Sour Grapes. His films have been nominated and have won awards from major film festivals around the world, and he has an incredible story around how he made it happen. We discuss how his childhood influenced his career and films, how his brush with cancer changed his life, how making films later in his career has helped him, and the importance of getting started, taking action and being patient as you learn over time. 

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Joe Piscatella - Writing, Doc Filmmaking, and #ChicagoGirl

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Joe is the director, producer and writer for the award winning documentary #ChicagoGirl (see trailer), which is about a 19 year girl in Chicago who helped coordinate the Syrian revolution through social media. Before venturing in to the documentary world, Joe had (and continues to have) a successful career as a writer on movies for Disney, Dreamworks and Sony Animation. 

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