Jimmy Gonzales - The Art of Burning Your Ships, Playing the Cards Your Dealt, and Going After What You Love

Born and raised in a world surrounded by violence, drugs, foster homes and crime - Jimmy pulled himself out of a reality the majority of us wouldn't survive. He realized he had a passion for film in his early 20's, and committed his career and life to becoming a professional actor. Now at 40 years old, it's finally becoming a reality for him. 

Jimmy's story serves a great reminder that if we're willing to completely commit ourselves to the things we love, we can eventually achieve them. 

Over the past few years he's had roles in shows ranging from the Walking Dead to House of Cards, and has upcoming guest star roles on two new TV shows - Containment on CW, and Game of Silence on NBC, and will be co-starring in a movie with Nicolas Cage later this year. 

We discuss how he navigated his way through childhood, getting put in foster homes, how he discovered his passion, what it was like following his dream in his 30's (when all of his friends we're settling down), and the point in his career where he began to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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