Bill Detamore on Making Drums for Legendary Bands, Being Authentic, and Creating an Iconic Brand

Bill Detamore is the Founder and President of Pork Pie Percussion, one of today’s most innovative, successful, and recognizable drum companies. The vast majority of his drums are costume, hand made, and have been played by some of the greatest drummers and bands around the world ranging from Green Day and Primus to Guns N’ Roses and Bob Dylan. How he arrived at this point is a long story filled with adversity, hard work, sacrifice, and a complete dedication to his craft. 

In this interview on the Story Riot podcast, Bill reflects on his life and connects the dots, which have led him down this uncommon path of running such an iconic brand. What unfolds is a deep conversation about the importance of finding your passion, how he mastered his craft while working full-time for the government, the sacrifices he’s had to make along the way, how managing the money is the most important aspect of any creative endeavor, and the importance of being willing to take risks, put yourself out there, and deal with failure.

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