BUDCAST with John Rambo and Chase Ohlson

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To ensure that this podcast continues to be fun and evolve in the best direction possible, I'm going to start bringing on my good friends and throwing them in the hot seat(s). We will refer to these audio gems as the BUDCAST. Slightly different than my regular episodes - where I try to investigate and capture the stories behind great artists and creative entrepreneurs - the BUDCAST has zero agenda, direction, or purpose, other than to have fun and get my friends involved in something I love. 

However, I don't say that to devalue any of these guests - including the two gentlemen above. They're friends I have great respect for, and look up to in a number of ways. Both are great artists and entrepreneurs, and both are putting out great work at a relentless pace. All guests on the BUDCAST (and Story Riot for that matter) will meet these basic requirements, to not stray away from the core of this show. 

John is a Producer, DJ, and Co-Founder of Next Wave and Disco Naps. Chase is the Co-Founder of Buy the Best Drone, and is John's manager. Both also work additional full-time jobs during the week. I still can't figure out how they manage to get it all done. But I tried. Anyway, enjoy this conversation. 

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