David Evanko - MINIVAN Photography

"You can always find a job... And I liked the direction I was going with the hotel, but it gets to the point where you can't be yourself. They're like, 'you got to cut your hair, and you go to dress this way, and you got to talk this way.' And that's not me. I'm not going to fake it the rest of my life... I'd rather be myself for the rest of my life, make less money, and feel good about what I'm doing. It never sat right for me."

On this episode of the Story Riot Podcast, I chat with David Evanko. After graduating college, with no previous experience in photography, he just started showing up at venues by himself and taking photos. Three years later, he's shot hundreds of bands that have come through the L.A. music scene, making himself well-known, touring with several brands, and getting featured in various magazines. We discuss everything from how and why he got started, to why getting robbed and loosing everything became a huge turning point, and his thoughts on dealing with the inevitable self-doubt that comes with creating anything. 

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